We apply surface decoration to almost any substrate surface, including plastics, glass, metals like steel/aluminum, wood and paint, and in any colour of your choice.

The result is an automotive finish comparable to that of the best vehicle manufacturers in the world, satin soft or cold polished steel.


Our forward-thinking attitude and the continuous investment in research and development place us at the cutting edge of the transfer printing and finishing industry, whether by way of investment in our personnel or innovative technologies to further improve on our customer need satisfaction or collaboration with other leaders in the industry abroad, where this technology has taken on like wildfire!!

In our quest for perfection nothing but the best is acceptable, so do not hesitate to entrust us with your next special project. Contact us and allow us to blow you away with our ideas and the possibilities


Thousands of virtually standard designs are available and housed in libraries across the world, though you can happily supply us with your own artwork, photograph or concept to develop in our studios to meet your requirements.


The product can be applied to virtually any three-dimensional item, ranging from an engine cover or rear-view mirror to your hunting rifle fitted with a telescope. The fuel tank of your Harley or the hood of the Camaro, your full-face crash helmet or the console of Mom’s Mazda all acquire a personality of their own once you and us have been let loose on them. Try it!!!



* Automotive

* Marine

* Aviation

* Sporting

* Motorcycling

* Architectural

* Industrial

* Military






QUALITIES* high definition

* clear quality guaranteed

* seamless/void-less

* non-pealing

* permanently bonded

* chip-free/resistant

* hard-wearing

* permanent






* individual

* variety

* custom

* choice

* mass

* Versatile


MORE FEATURES!* personal style

* cool factor

* automotive finish

* protective

* added character

* increased value

* extended useful life

FINISHES* high gloss

* satin soft

* matte